Dance Opportunity with DV8


I was first introduced to DV8 and Lloyd Newson with the film Dead Dreams of Monochrome Men during my first year at university. It was dark, mysterious, beautiful and eerie. Even as a 19-year old teen I immediately recognised the hidden language of cruising in one of the first scenes – dialogue through eye contact and body language – as it was something I was familiar with.  It was an empowering experience to watch a dance film with homoerotic themes so publicly, with my peers – a lecture room full of Related Arts students.

Strange Fish took the work to another level for me.  It used stylised movement exploring the rules of social interaction, loneliness and courtship accompanied with a powerfully evocative soundscore by Jocelyn Pook and Adrian Johnston; singing by Lauren Potter and Dale Tanner. The performers included Kate Champion, Wendy Houstoun, Jordi Cortes Molina and the inimitable Nigel Charnock, amongst others.

And after this male solo in The Cost of Living, I never looked at Cher, quite again in the same way and was a convert to Believe.

DV8 is currently looking for male dancers of all ages and shapes. The only criteria being a strong dance technique. London auditions 8 – 9 June; Amsterdam 29 – 30 June. Watch the video!

The man in the video extract has such dancing personality. He’s too alive for the rest!


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