The day before the event…


Hot Indian sun ensures vitamin D

Well today the weather feels significantly cooler with a mist outside on this peak called home. My other half tells me it reminds him of holidays in Madikeri in the Western Ghats of India and how he loved this type of weather. Lovingly, I told him he was odd! I too would probably feel the same if I’d grown up in a hot country. Whereas us Brits certainly in my adult years yearn for warm or even hot summers because they’re so scarce. Seriously vitamin D deficiency is a growing concern for anyone a shade of brown plus. I hear it is even becoming an issue for Caucasian skin due to our infrequent strong sun. As it is not routinely tested for it remains hidden. I accept recently,  we could even say we’ve had a good attempt at summer so far. I digress, this post was not about vitamin D, we’ll save that for another day and another blog.

There’s not too much to say really. It is London Pride 2014 tomorrow. It will be my second. We attended World Pride in 2012. It is however, the first Parade I’ve been part of and organised. I think it is useful to recap the reasons for participating in the Parade. This intervention is an unexpected activity for me when I set up Beneath the Surface and this blog, this wasn’t part of the proposed vision and trajectory. Yet, this activism has now become an essential part. Increasing Asian visibility of LGBTQ lives is the main reason for it coupled with a genuine deeply felt belief that we are stronger en masse, and if we want to see change, we have to take action, stand up and be counted. And this visibility offers hope, especially to others and reaffirms belief and solidarity.

Without other’s interest and momentum I wouldn’t be writing this specific post. Let’s see how this year turns out. I have many ideas for next year in terms of themed procession to make more assertive political cultural representations. Attempting to create more Asian visibility at Pride isn’t my project alone. I’m interested in forming a group of interested people to steer the future of such activity. If you’re interested in being part of this please get in touch with me.

Wishing you and yours a happy and safe London Pride 2014. x


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