What to know about South Asian lesbians…


SatWhat do we know about South Asian lesbian and bisexual women in the UK today? What is there to know about them?

This coming weekend’s edition of the Sunday Times magazine includes a feature on South Asian lesbians by journalist and broadcaster Sarfraz Manzoor. He made contact with me in March last year. He learnt about my area of research and project due to a workshop I was running as part of Alchemy 2013.

I spoke to Sarfraz at length about my findings. A key trend being: the largest single group that made contact with me was Asian Muslim women. This prompted the idea for the piece for him. I provided him with a diverse list of a dozen women, some of whom I’d interviewed and others that I hadn’t; but who had got in touch with me after I’d completed by research.

So after 18-months or so I’m intrigued to finally see this piece. I should certainly recognise all the contributors.

If you’re interested, do buy this coming Sunday’s edition. You can purchase the paper or an online version. I understand it’s a 4-5 page spread with several images.

I’m delighted that what is considered a niche minority subject is getting such profile in a mainstream national publication. That it will land on so many door mats on Sunday morning (or accessed online) and the masses will stumble upon this story.

Thanks to the spark in Sarfraz’s mind for the story we can now look forward to the feature.

Let’s keep up the visibility!


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