Little Elephant Still 2015A few months back I commissioned Love Works: the making of two original digital animation film shorts.

My starting point was quite simple. For the first film I knew I wanted to explore the unique bond between parent and child. And for the second film I was inspired by first love – its potency and its innocence.

LITTLE ELEPHANT is about the estranged relationship between a father and his gay daughter, now a young mother.

CHARIOT RIDERS is about a boy’s feelings of first love for his best friend, another boy.

Both films were made with award-winning filmmaker Kate Jessop and playwright Carl Miller.

Both films are being shown across the country and further afield at arts centres and festivals and film festivals. Due to this I am unable to make them available online just yet. Arts Council England

Love Works was supported using public funding by Arts Council England.

Seed Funding was provided by: Gem Arts, Sheffield City Council, Homotopia and Shout Festival.

I discovered Kate Jessop’s work in A Wondrous Place by Northern Spirit. She had designed the animation which was projected on the white set/backdrop as part of a play.

Upon looking further into her work I fell in love with it. One of her films Dear Foreigner caught my attention in particular. It is based on a letter a mother wrote to her son 27 years after giving him up at birth. It was commissioned by the Festival D’Elle Lettere, Milan. I have shed a tear or two upon watching this and more than once.


Animation Direction: Kate Jessop

Voice: Cerrie Burnell; Sound Recordist: Drew Hewson

Music: Steph Angel and Caro Snatch.

Full credits and stills from Little Elephant and Chariot Riders.