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Last Sunday’s radio interviews


Please excuse the brevity of this post. I’m racing out as we speak to a silent retreat.

Following on from The Love That Knows Much Shame, Harjit Sarang, Fiyaz Mughal and I had some radio interviews with BBC Radio channels across England on Sunday 25 May 2014.

I was on BBC Radio Nottingham on the Dhamaka programme with presenter Kaval Vaseer.

Starts 40:55 – 46:55. Available here for another four days from today.

Harjit was on BBC Radio Sheffield on Eastern Air with presenter Waheed Akhtar.

Starts 02:06:05 – 02:10:40. Available here for another four days.

Fiyaz was on BBC Radio Derby with presenter Satvinder Rana.

Starts 01:11:55 – 01:21:10. Available here for another four days.

And another from me on BBC Radio Stoke with presenter Ajmal Hussain.

Starts 01:06:45 – 01:16:30. Available here for another four days from today.

Another from Harjit on BBC Radio Manchester Indus programme with Talat-Farooq Awan.

Starts 01:12:55 – 01:16:45.  Available here for another four days.

And another from Fiyaz on BBC Radio Gloucestershire with Many Masih.

Starts 01:24:15 – 01:29:00. Available here for another four days.

And I’m afraid it was another from me on BBC Radio Northampton with Jona Kotnis.

Starts 01:38:10 – 01:46:46. Available here for another four days.

For Bolly lovers this interview’s preceded by  from Kabhi Khushi Kabhei Gham 01:31:40 – 01:37:30.



Wake up and smell the coffee!


The weekend was truly momentous with the arrival of Equal Marriage from Saturday 29 March 2014. After observing the progress of EM over the past 18-months I was beginning to feel euphoric in the lead up to Saturday. BBC Midlands Masala, catering for South Asian communities across the West Midlands covered this topic in Sunday’s programme. The irony is: whilst we now have Equal Marriage in England and Wales most (British) South Asians still feel unable to come out to their parents and families. How do we get to a better tomorrow?

The programme is presented by Ray Khan sitting in for Arshia Riaz and is available online until next Sunday. The first hour has the most coverage on the subject. I’m on from 14:25 – 23:45.

We have some listeners reaction to Equal Marriage from 28:39 – 29:46.

Fiyaz Mughal, Director of Faith Matters joins from 30:05 – 34:37.  He makes some very valid points on human behaviour being dynamic and not static and envisions more acceptance over the next two decades.

Satbir, an articulate voice, a teacher of a Sikh background is on from 34:48 – 37:28.

And from 37:38 – 41:55 a female caller talks about her Muslim Pakistani friend forced into an arranged marriage.

In all, a progressive programme on Equal Marriage and its relevance to South Asian communities in England and Wales. Well done BBC! Listen to the programme here.  But we have so much more to do.

The final point which I didn’t make in the programme is: as fellow humans we have a responsibility to support our family members, friends and communities to come to terms with themselves, to learn to accept themselves, to become who they (really) are by being true to themselves… to release the unique bright spark that we all are.

4 days more – radio interview with Ruchi Tandon


BBC Journalist Ruchi Tandon, visited us in Birmingham last week. She spoke to one of our interviewees from last autumn and me. This piece was aired on BBC Asian programmes local radio across the regions on Sunday (22nd) just gone. It is available to listen online for another 4 days here. It starts 54.45 and ends 59.20.