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Sunday’s BBC Radio Sheffield Interview


After waking up on a bright autumnal morning in Borough on Sunday, we returned to collect the car from Southbank Centre. The weekend market was just getting set-up. I had a lovely chat with a Portuguese woman of Indian descent. She was a graphic designer, who came to London to complete her masters two years back; she was moonlighting on the market. She was very friendly and asked what I was going to see at RFH. I told her that we’d performed there the previous night (in a space within the Southbank Centre). And from there on she took an interest in the project’s subject.

We headed back up north via Maidenhead, thinking it would be good to see a friend’s new home. His parents were visiting him from India. We were fed delicious prawn biryani and Andhra chicken. I fell asleep afterwards. This was acceptable and not considered rude.

We continued our drive north arriving in Sheffield at 19:50. We made our way straight to BBC Sheffield. Shawkat Hashmi, a very pleasant producer had recently been in touch with me to set up an interview for the Sunday evening Eastern Air programme. As we were together it made sense for Abhi to come along too. I think that was the first broadcast interview we’ve done together. Yes, he made a contribution too.

The interview was conducted by Waheed Akhtar. It’s available here on listen again for another 6-days. It runs from 2:06 – 2:21.

Beneath the Surface in Sheffield tickets available here.