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Let’s Talk workshop


rainbow_window_cross01LET’S TALK is an inclusive, discursive participatory workshop for Sheffield’s LGBT+ HUB and BELIEF and/or RELIGION HUB members to learn more about one another and talk.

The workshop will be led by RAZIA AZIZ, Co-Founder of The Equality Academy. Razia is a Diversity and Equality trainer, coach and consultant; and an Interfaith Minister offering a service to people of all faiths or none.

The workshop will inform, stimulate, facilitate discussion; and deepen the understanding and confidence of participants of one another and some of the key issues and concerns for communities. Essentially it’s about creating a safe space where we can talk about religion/belief and LGBT matters.


Time: 1pm – 4.20pm (with 20 min break)

Venue: CRUCIBLE (arrive at main entrance Tudor Square), Sheffield, S1 1DA.

Cost: FREE

Book your place here.

The event is being organised by TIGER STRUT. Tiger Strut is a new organisation led by BOBBY TIWANA. It is informed by his experience working in live performance/short film. Over the past 4 years his work has focused on increasing visibility of South Asian LGBT people through creation, presentation, workshops/discussions to stimulate/promote understanding. His two film shorts which are about the universality of love depicted through ‘parental love’ and ‘first love’, through the eyes of two gay characters have screened over 80 times in 15 months in the UK and in 15 international cities in Brazil, Europe, India and the USA.

This event is supported by Sheffield City Council.

Bobby Tiwana

An App for British Asian LGB?



allout_image_6117_full (2)Denise Lau, a Sheffield Hallam Graphic Design student is currently working on a project to increase visibility of British Asian lesbian, gay and bisexual lives.

After doing some preliminary research she’s looking at designing a concept app aimed at Asian LGB communities to share coming out experiences. There may be up to 6 stages of coming out-ness to acceptance on the app.

Denise has designed an online survey to better understand her target audience. If you’re interested and have 10 minutes, please participate. Please do forward this link to others too. The deadline to complete the survey is 9 December. Here’s a link to the survey.

British Asian LGB? Then this is for you.



Several undergraduate Graphic Design students from Sheffield Hallam University have chosen to work on my project for one of their modules this semester. Broadly speaking their brief is to increase visibility of British Asian lesbian, gay and bisexual lives.

Two students, Marcus Fern and Josh Monteith are working together. As part of their research to gain a better understanding of the subject they have designed an online survey. It is aimed at British Asian lesbian, gay and bisexual people.

If you’re interested and have 10 minutes please participate. Please do forward this link to others too. The deadline to complete the survey is 10 December. Here’s the link for the survey.